Heartland Generation

Designed by: Shearer Licensed Interior Design

When Heartland Generation made the decision to relocate it’s offices to downtown Calgary’s Devon Tower, partnering with Shearer Design, Labbe-Leech was hired for Construction Management Services to renovate two floors. By enhancing existing demountable partitions and constructing new meeting rooms, a multipurpose training room, kitchens, reception and refreshing elevator lobbies, a new modern space was created to reflect the company’s image and culture. Adding amenities to accommodate 24/7 real time operations with independent climate control was another unique requirement of this project. These two floor plates totalling nearly 40,000 square feet were joined by an existing internal staircase but needed to be infilled to the floor above, demising the leased space and maintaining current building code. The project was executed under a compressed schedule to meet the client’s timelines of a rigid office move date with the two-floor renovation occurring concurrently to the stair infill project.