Our Teams

Labbe-Leech Interiors’ teams deliver exactly what you need and want when you move or renovate your premises. We offer professional advice and guidance, reliable performance and high quality products. We’ll be with you every step of the way from planning to implementation.

Project Management Team

The strength of our project management team comes from its diversity. Selected for their leadership, proactive problem-solving, creativity, and listening skills, our project managers' backgrounds include human resources, interior design, technology, as well as construction. Their forte is client service, organization, responsiveness and accountability.

On-Site Team

Our in-house crews include experienced job superintendents, finishing carpenters, drywall specialists, and laborers. Many have been with Labbe-Leech Interiors for 10 or more years. We offer their many skills, teamwork, dedication and strong work ethic to each and every one of our clients.

Schedules, completions and overall performance depend on safe work practices. Since 1998, we have been registered in the construction industry's "Partners in Injury Reduction" (PIR) Program. Our Certificate of Recognition (COR), held since 2004, recognizes employers who develop health and safety management systems that meet established standards.

Office Support Team

Effective construction management depends on compliance with regulations, timely approvals and payments, and clear documentation. Our project management and on-site teams are backed by skilled, experienced administrators, who look after hundreds of daily details to ensure smooth-functioning teams and successful projects.

Sub-Trade Partners

A solid roster of specialists in millwork, interior finishes and other skilled trades support our in-house crews. Our partners have the resources to tackle projects of any size or complexity. Some are locals while others have offices throughout Canada. We select our sub-trade partners based on their high-quality work, reliability, and reputation. Their dedication, professionalism and support help us create win-win solutions on every project.